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This is were you can get the lyrics to our songs.

Early Death

Where would you go after it was through?
Did you ever think that it would come true?
Going up, going down
Eventually your gonna hit solid ground

You hated yourself, you hated your life
Now you figured out that God was right
Going up, going down
Eventually your gonna hit solid ground


You think to yourself, what did you do?
You did what the devil told you to do
You thought it was a joke, just one big game
It turned out to be a life in pain

After it was through, you trigger happy soul
It seems to yourself, you dug yourself a hole
You don't know where you were, you were all alone
But there beside you stood someone with a robe

You said to yourself, no it couldn't be
Jesus Christ is standing right beside me
He told me He loved me with all of His heart
But he told me I wasn't on the chart

Suddenly, He wasn't there
My body was filled with a great despair
This wasn't heaven, no not in the least,
for my soul was burning with a fire heat!

(Repeat Chorus 2X, Refrain 1, Chorus 1)

Maybe Tomarrow


Why do you, always, reject me?
Why do you, always, ignore me?

I don't know why, you always seem to cry
whenever I say bye. 2x

I don't know what you see in him
or anyone else X4

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